The Space Lvl8 team has worked hard to create customized event packages that include event coordinating, party rental supplies / equipment (tables, chairs, canopies, jumpers or more).Some packages include VIBES also known as party accessories (ie 360 photo booth, mobile cotton candy or popcorn machine, and more!). Space Lvl8 can tailor events to your needs, as well as work with  local vendors and events for promotion and more. Space Lvl8 looks forward to working with you!


Event coordinating services are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time or capacity to plan and execute an extravagant event. Hire someone to do the ground work for you! Choose from the Space Lvl8 experienced event planners. Prices starting at $30 an hour.

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Parties & Events Deserves More……

Customized packages include party equipment & party accessories (that we call) VIBES. Space Lvl8 wants our customers to have a one-stop shop to rent party supplies.

A simple inquiry and you could receive your own rental package!

Local Partnerships

Space Lvl8 Cooperative is worker owned and strongly believes in local partnerships. The Space Lvl8 team wants to empower the community through cooperatively supporting each other any way we can. If there is something Space Lvl8 doesn’t have, our partners may be a good choice for you! Check them out on our Recommended Vendors Page to learn more!

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Event Packages

The Space Lvl8 team has worked hard to create packages that will make your next event memorable! However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we can work together to create a party package specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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